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Expertise to support your Devo journey

Our approach

Devo provides the expertise and specialists you need to improve outcomes at each stage of your Devo journey.

Whether it’s migrating data, integrating custom data sources, developing Devo applications to meet specific business needs, or providing an extra set of expert hands to get you going — we have you covered.

Devo Quick Start

Get up and running quickly with our Quick Start service. The package includes training and support to get Devo up and running in your environment — fast. Our Quick Start service includes an on-site workshop for up to five team members. Work side by side with a Devo expert to optimize Devo for your business.


Devo Application Development

Build business-specific workflows and integrate domain-specific expertise with Devo applications. Our experts take industry-leading project management approaches to develop applications that meet your business requirements, keep you ahead of the competition and accelerate your business.


Parser Development

Devo comes ready to ingest data from hundreds of sources. We make it easy to integrate custom data sources specific to your business into Devo. Our experts work with you to understand new data sources, build the required parsers, and ensure data is not just ingested — but that every aspect of the data is available for analysis in Devo.


Data Migration Services

Migrating data correctly requires precision and experience. Whether it’s gigabytes, terabytes or petabytes, we have the process and expertise to migrate all types of data into Devo. Let our data migration experts make this a seamless experience for you and your team. Now, you can take full advantage of having a single, unified platform for all your data — quickly.


Custom Services

Tell us what you need. Our experts can assist in a variety of ways to help you further leverage your data. Custom project-based ML and data science services, billed on a time-and-materials basis, are available to meet your business requirements.

This is what success looks like