Devo Support

This page includes information on customer support and key resources for you to reference as a Devo customer. Bookmark this page for future use. Happy learning!

Devo Support 

Your Customer Support Manager (CSM) is a great resource. In many cases, they are able to answer a question or solve a problem, eliminating the need to enter a Support case. Additionally, Devo Connect is an excellent forum to ask questions if you are having challenges or are stuck on something in the Devo Platform. We encourage you to utilize our community for knowledge advancement and to have conversations with other users about Devo. If you are experiencing problems with the Devo platform, require assistance from a Devo Support Engineer, or have product deployment requests, please open a Devo Support Case. 

When in doubt, you can submit a case for any type of inquiry. This helps our support team track your requests, which will, in turn, help us improve your experience with our products and services. Feel free to copy your CSM on any thread with Support.

How do I get started?

There are four ways to open a case with our Support team:

  1. Devo Support Portal (contact your CSM for access)
  2. Direct email to [email protected]
  3. In your Devo domain > Help > Customer Support
  4. Calling our 24/7 Support line
    1. +1 888 683-0910 (USA)
    2. +34 900 838 880 (Spain)

General Case Submission Guidelines 

Severity Definitions

Case SeverityDescription
Severity 1Services/data ingestion/queries severely impacted or completely down.Data ingestion capacity and/or data query functionality are down.Entire customer deployment efforts are blocked.
Severity 2The Service is unstable with periodic interruptions.Data ingestion capacity and/or data query functionality while not being completely down, have experienced material service interruptions.There are temporary incidents impacting performance or deliverables.
Severity 3Errors causing partial, non-critical functionality loss that impair some operations but allow the services to continue to function.
Severity 4Parser creation and enablement. 
Severity 5New feature request. 

Information to Include

Please include the following information in all Support requests, regardless of the type of problem or request you are reporting. This helps ensure that our support teams know where to start, plus it speeds response times. 

URL CloudPlease, provide the URL from which you are connecting to Devo. Some
Specific domain name(s)domain@account – for our partner and reseller customers operating in a multi-tenant model [OR]customername for single-tenant customers
Time period observed, including Time ZoneIf time is a factor in your Support case, please include some point of reference for our engineers. Eventdate is the best format, and the more granular an issue, the more we need to narrow our results. For instance, if you know something happened at 2021-12-02 12:41:38.053 EST, that will be helpful! 
Screenshots of observed behavior wherever possibleError messaging, UI bug – video captures may be more conducive for some problems.- The more evidence you’re able to provide, the better. Plus, a picture is worth a thousand words!
Domain access for Support Engineer(s)This may not be possible for all cases or all customers. If a Support engineer or other member of the Devo Customer Success team requests access, there’s usually a good reason. You can remove the access once the case has been concluded.