Devo Learning Hub

The Devo Learning Hub is an online learning platform that offers Devo’s latest training content in one central location. Whether you are new to the Devo Platform or would like to hone your security skills, the Devo Learning Hub provides a flexible, self-paced learning framework that will help you leverage the power of the Devo Platform.

How does the Devo Learning Hub benefit you?

The Devo Learning Hub is a self-paced learning portal that helps analysts attain faster time to value from their Devo deployment by providing access to courses, content, and hands-on labs within a sandbox practice environment.

Self-paced training


Self-paced training

The Devo Learning Hub gives you full access to our extensive library of interactive videos and courses, which can be viewed at your own pace. Users can rapidly gain applicable experience on the Devo Platform utilizing a variety of training modules, including interactive videos, practice exercises, and product walkthroughs.


Responsive user interface

The Devo Learning Hub’s intuitive interface can be displayed on any device, offering the ability to learn more about the latest features of the Devo Platform anywhere, at any time. 


Realistic practice environment  

Gain hands-on experience with our fully configured sandbox environment, devo_101, which gives users the ability to learn and experiment with the Devo Platform without having to access their proprietary data. The environment contains simulated data using the most common technologies including firewalls, VPNs, proxies, web servers, and endpoint monitors. Users can apply what they learn or build new use cases in with devo_101.

Devo Certification

Earn your Devo certification

Become an Devo expert and earn certifications as you achieve milestones and gain hands-on experience with the Devo Platform. Users begin by earning their Devo Certified Platform User certification. From there, users can access subsequent specialized training modules to earn additional badges and certifications. 

Access to the Devo Learning Hub

To access the learning hub, follow the instructions to set up your personalized training experience:

How do I get started?

Reach out to your customer success manager, devo partner manager or account manager to gain access to the Devo Learning Hub and the training 101 environments.

Once you’ve been granted access we recommend you follow the following steps:

  • Access the Devo Starter Pack, a collection of lessons and hands-on training that puts you on the path to your Devo Certified Platform User certification.
  • Use the devo_101 environment to complete the assignments and practice your skills with the Devo Platform.
Access Learning Hub


Training Catalog Sample

First Look & Navigation

Embark on a comprehensive journey into the core functionalities of the Devo Platform.  You will master the intricacies of platform navigation; this program covers essential lessons from the first steps to advanced features, providing a solid foundation for effective data exploration and analysis.

Embark on a journey to master the fundamentals of data ingestion. You will gain a foundation of how Devo ingests your data to work with it and detect threats from a wide range of technologies.

Devo Foundations teaches the basics of the Devo Platform. Learn fundamental skills including data structures, queries, alerts, and lookups, which help users detect anomalies, identify trends, and present results.

Learn how to visualize, analyze and explore your data using Devo Activeboards. Upon completion of the course, you will be able to create interactive dashboards by using Activeboards’ comprehensive library of widgets. 

Student Guide

Here’s a short video covering the interface and features of the Devo Learning Hub: how to enroll, how to do a course, check your transcript, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

I received an email from “myabsorb”. Is it legitimate?

A tool called Absorb is hosting the Devo Learning Hub. Some notifications will come from a sender with that email address. You might receive notifications such as account creation, password reset, enrollments, or completions. It is safe and legitimate.

It is safe and legitimate. This email address delivers confirmation emails to gain access to the devo_101 sandbox domain.

Please reach out to your Devo customer success manager, Devo partner manager, or account manager. We will follow up as soon as possible.

Please contact your Devo customer success manager, Devo partner manager, or account manager. They will add your new team member to our customer database and enroll them in the Devo Learning Hub.

We recommend using an up-to-date version of Google Chrome both for the Devo Learning Hub and for the devo_101 sandbox.

  • Our e-learning courses contain multimedia, so you need a proper internet connection with enough bandwidth. 
  • The training platform includes video-based lessons. Therefore, your computer must be able to play video and audio.
  • Some lessons open pop-up windows. Make sure you set the appropriate pop-up policies in your browser.

Please contact [email protected] to update your credentials. This will ensure that your account is properly synchronized with the information we have in the customer database.

The Devo Learning Hub does not restrict access to courses. Click on the Course Library, select your course, and click on either Start or Enroll (and then on Start).

First, refer to the Devo course catalog. If you don’t find the material you need or the answer to your question, log into Devo Connect and submit a post about the topic you are interested in. Members of the Devo technical team will follow up with a response. Additionally, your input will be used to influence the development of subsequent training courses. 

Send an email to [email protected]. The Devo training staff will be happy to help you.