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Meet the Devo Extended Leadership Team

Alain Sergile

VP, Product Management

Andy Pool

Director, People Communications and Culture

Anson Fan

Director, Technical Acceleration

Anthony Carpinelli

VP, North American Sales

Bonium Tutul

Director, Cloud Ops APAC

Charles Amick

VP, Engineering

Charlotte Fleming

Associate General Counsel

Chris O’Brien

VP, Product Marketing

Craig Gomez

Director, Training and Education

Dan Wilbricht

General Manager, Public Sector

Daniel Garcia

VP, Engineering

David Caradonna

VP, Sales Strategy

David Cifuentes Pinzon

Head, Solution Engineering

David Koury

Director, Customer Support

David Spokane

VP, Engineering Operations

Dean Robertson

Head, Solution Engineering, EMEA

Eliseo Martinez Molina

Director, Engineering

Elizabeth Gonzalez

Director, Engineering

Gareth Kersey

VP, Revenue and Growth Operations

Gary Pelczar

VP, Global Alliances

Gunter Ollman

Chief Technology Officer

Holly Poledicha

Director, Renewals

Ian Mains

Director, Security Assurance

Ignacio Madruga

Director, Product GRC

Ingo Bednarz

General Counsel

Jennifer Grunebaum

Chief Financial Officer

Jill Button

Director, Inside Sales

Jill Orhun

VP, Strategy & Operations

Jimmy Andriambao

Director, Corporate IT

Johannes Loeffler

Chief Customer Officer

John Allison

Director, Federal Operations and Program Management

Juan Alvarez

Director, Ingestion Tools

Juana Nunez

VP, Engineering-Key Client Engagements

Kane Fraser

Director, Sales-ANZ

Kayla Williams

Interim CISO

Lars Wiesner

SVP, Product Engineering and Operations

Lisa Erlich

Director, Learning and Development

Marc van Zadelhoff

Chief Executive Officer

Matt Thomas

Chief Revenue Officer

Megan Wittenberger

Sr. Director, Corporate Marketing

Michael Soluri

Senior Director, US Sales East

Miguel Martin

VP, Product Operations

Mike McCabe

Head, Solution Engineering-NA

Mike Smart

SVP, People

Mike Sanchez

VP, Technical Services

Mike Soder

VP, Finance

Pablo Luis Carretero

VP, Architecture & Security

Paco Huerta

VP, Product Management

Pedro Palao

Founder and Chief Architect

Phil Richards

Director, Cloud Ops

Rahul Gopi

Lead Architect, Autonomous Threat

Ramiro Garcia

Director, Technical Services, EMEA & APAC

Ray Suarez

Director, Product Management-Integrations

Sergio Bellido

VP, Product Management

Shana Zehr

Sr. Director, Accounting

Steve Morrow

Sr. Director, Global Presales Engineering

Tom Pucciarella

Chief of Staff of CCO

Upesh Patel

SVP, Corporate Development

Valerio Vianello

Director, Engineering

Vanessa Comendador Casarrubios

Director, People Business Partners