Why Real-Time Analytics Are Vital to Your Security

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Time is a luxury your SOC can’t afford to waste. To keep your SOC efficient and effective, real-time analytics are crucial. Modern security data platforms give your team this ability by not indexing data on ingest, which ensures that security data is available for immediate analysis and allows your SOC to react swiftly to threats. Here are some of the other reasons why real-time analytics help keep your organization secure.

Avoid “Dead Time”

Imagine a scenario where your organization is faced with a potential intrusion. With traditional SIEMs, there’s a delay between receiving raw data and making it searchable. This delay creates “dead time,” during which no alerts or searches can occur, leaving your organization vulnerable. However, with a platform that doesn’t index data on ingest, the data stays raw, making it instantly available for analysis. This can be the difference between stopping an attack in its tracks or allowing it to spread throughout your organization.

Spot Anomalies While They’re Occurring

Anomalies can be a telltale sign of potential security threats, and real-time analytics allow your team to move quickly. By analyzing and interpreting vast amounts of diverse data in real-time, your SIEM can detect unusual patterns that could signify a sophisticated attack, including those from insiders.

Real-time behavioral analysis is necessary for detecting known threats and uncovering subtle, unusual activities that could signify more complex, hidden, or emerging threats. The quicker these anomalies are detected, the quicker your security team can act.

Access Data From Long Ago

Persistence is a common characteristic amongst cyberattackers. They can patiently wait for gaps in your security, making it essential for your SIEM to assess security data over extended periods and avoid storing historical data in cold storage. This extensive data analysis provides a more comprehensive understanding of the full scope of an attack, allowing you to discern threat trends and pinpoint the actions of threat actors.

Many traditional SIEM vendors degrade the search performance for older data, or they store data in a way that makes it less useful from a detection standpoint. Slower search performance over a shorter timeframe leads to slower investigations and longer response times, hindering your ability to respond quickly to threats.

Help Your SOC Act Quickly and Understand Trends

In conclusion, the importance of real-time analytics cannot be overstated. This capability gives your team the insights they need to act quickly, identify anomalies, and understand threat trends over an extended period. The Devo Security Data Platform provides real-time analytics at scale. Its proprietary HyperStream technology ensures data is immediately searchable as soon as it hits the platform, eliminating delays between events and alerts or searches. Lightning-fast query performance results in faster detection and investigations, and built-in machine learning models detect anomalous behaviors, going beyond many other traditional SIEM offerings.

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