Introducing Devo Cloud Security Monitoring Detections

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In our increasingly cloud-centric world, security teams are under pressure to perform effective cloud security monitoring to defend against fast-moving threats. That’s why Devo is pleased to announce the availability of approximately 50 cloud security detections for Amazon Web Services (AWS) to our Security Operations application.

The new detections enable organizations to monitor their cloud infrastructure, look for areas of risk, or respond to threats as they emerge. Devo security experts crafted the detections and tested and validated each of the detections using adversary simulation.

Devo curated and vetted these detections — which will be delivered by use case — to provide rapid time to value with out-of-the-box content that will help organizations of all types improve their cloud security posture.

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Customer Benefits

The new cloud security monitoring detections bring key benefits to customers, including:

  • Unified visibility and the ability to monitor large volumes of data at scale across hybrid, multi-cloud environments
  • Reduced mean time to detection and response (MTTD/MTTR) with automatic alerts based on suspicious cloud usage
  • Granular visibility into application, user or file behavior across different environments to secure dynamic workloads and detect abuse of privileges
  • Maintained surveillance of user access and privilege to uncover identity-based threats
  • Continuous monitoring and scanning to provide security assessments in real time

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