Increase SOC Effectiveness with Streaming Analytics

Operating an effective SOC requires overcoming a wide range of challenges. Often, security teams have too many disparate tools to manage, too many alerts to make sense of, and too many data sources that prevent the team from achieving full visibility. All these hurdles can make it difficult for your SOC analysts to identify and quickly respond to suspicious behavior and indicators of compromise.

But help is available. Streaming analytics can enable your security operations team to process and analyze data in real time, improving their ability to detect, investigate and mitigate threats faster. That’s where Devo Flow comes into play. With Flow, data is processed and analyzed continuously on the stream, giving your security team the ability to match the speed and scale of today’s data and cybercriminals. Let’s take a deeper dive into how streaming analytics can improve SOC effectiveness.

Reduce alert noise to focus on what matters
Security analysts are spread thin. They often struggle to identify the right signals from the noise due to the numerous alerts they have to prioritize and resolve. Reducing the amount of false positives that your security team receives can give them back valuable time to focus on responding to the alerts that matter to your business. With Devo Flow, your team can build sophisticated alerts for more accurate detections and architect workflows for valuable correlations. 

Flow also enables your team to create sophisticated alerts involving sequences of events to notify them of abnormal behaviors. For example, your security team could create an alert to notify them if a successful login occurred after several failed login attempts with different usernames from the same IP address to any machine in your network. Creating these sophisticated alerts enables your security team to spot and respond to suspicious behavior they might otherwise have been unable to detect.

Automate continuous monitoring and correlate data easily
Looking at internal data is only half of the equation when keeping your organization secure. Your security team should also use external data to validate their analyses, but this requires sifting through even more data and forces them to pivot from tool to tool during an investigation — potentially hindering response times. Automating menial processes such as enrichments and enabling continuous monitoring can make your security analysts more effective and efficient by freeing them up to focus on high-value investigation and mitigation activities.

Flow enables you to maximize the data from your existing security tools to correlate against it and gather additional context. Your security team can then take further action if suspicious activity is detected so they can mitigate incidents faster. 

For example, your security team could monitor all traffic from your firewall by correlating it against a table in Devo containing malicious IP addresses. If there is a match, Flow generates an enriched event, alerts your security team, and logs it in a designated table. Your team can then use information from enriched events to create new detection rules and identify new threats. Having these capabilities empowers your team to stay ahead of malicious actors.

While the threat landscape is growing and many security teams are constantly battling limited resources, your team can accelerate investigations with real-time streaming analytics from Devo Flow. Stay ahead of cybercriminals and learn more by reading the Devo Flow solution brief and Devo Flow documentation.

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