Devo at RSAC 2024: Providing Solutions to CISO Challenges and Stopping Cyber Burnout

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This year’s RSAC theme is The Art of the Possible, underscoring the importance of building bonds, embracing the power of community, and going beyond ones and zeroes to stay ahead of threats. At Devo, we understand what CISOs and their SOC teams are up against: AI-powered cyberattacks, new rules and regulations, understaffed teams, slashed budgets, and constrained resources. These challenges are enough to make anyone’s head spin. 

That’s why, at this year’s conference, Devo is laser-focused on stopping cyber burnout and enabling CISOs to tackle their biggest hurdles. Keep reading to learn how. 

Tackling CISO Challenges 

According to Devo’s new survey of 200 CISOs at enterprise-sized organizations, nearly one in three (32%) think about leaving their roles because of the constantly changing threat and regulatory environment. New rules, such as the US Security and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) cybersecurity rules, are causing CISOs to pause and reevaluate their needs and priorities. Many of the survey respondents admitted that legacy technology is holding them back from compliance, with nearly 30% of CISOs saying they struggle with ensuring data accuracy on reports and just over 20% saying they have inadequate tools and technology.

As the threat and regulatory environment shift, the CISO role evolves, causing stress and uncertainty. That’s why we’ve created “The Modern CISO: An Essential Guide for CISO Success,” which examines our survey results in greater detail and shares perspectives from various CISOs at industry-leading organizations on how to tackle these challenges head-on. We’re giving away copies of the guide at our RSA booth (#343), so make sure you visit us to grab yours. 

Additionally, Devo CISO Kayla Williams is hosting a “CISOs in the Hot Seat” panel discussion with Aaron Shaha, CISO of CyberMaxx, and Richard LaTulip, field CISO from Recorded Future, to discuss all of the above and more. You can learn more about the session here.

CISOs in the Hot Seat

Stopping Cyber Burnout 

CISOs aren’t the only ones experiencing unruly levels of burnout. Practitioners and cybersecurity professionals at all levels are struggling. Devo’s cybersecurity burnout survey found that 83% of IT security professionals admitted they or someone in their department had made errors due to burnout that have led to a security breach. Furthermore, many IT security professionals are experiencing severe impacts on their mental and physical health, with 52% of the respondents reporting increased anxiety or feelings of depression and 46% reporting trouble sleeping as a result of alert fatigue. 

At RSAC 2024, Devo is continuing its partnership with Cybermindz, a not-for-profit organization focused on delivering cyber-informed, mental resilience services that boost team morale, effectiveness and retention. Devo will donate $10 to Cybermindz for every booth visit we receive to support their mission. 

Our CISO Kayla will also take the stage with Cybermindz’s founder and executive chairman, Peter Coroneos, on Tuesday, May 7. Together, they will dig into the cybersecurity industry’s burnout and mental health crisis, drawing on research in the neuroscience of stress to explain why burnout is so rampant in the cyber industry and offer solutions to create a healthier, happier workforce. Reserve your seat for the session here

Burnout in Cyber

Working Together 

We can achieve great things when we all come together. And Devo wants to be your ally across all aspects of your cyber career. That’s why we’re also: 

  • Offering free, professional headshots: We’ll have a photographer on hand to help you uplevel your headshot game. Dress in your best and swing by to get a new LinkedIn photo. 
  • Showcasing the Devo Security Data Platform: You can request to see our platform in action to learn how your SOC team can achieve unmatched visibility, find threats with zero lag, and get the full attack story within minutes using attack-tracing AI. 

With the right resources and tools at your security team’s disposal, you can thwart any cyberthreat. We look forward to making this year’s RSAC the best one yet. Visit our event hub to explore everything we’re up to at RSAC.

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