Deal Your Team the Royal Flush of SOC Tools

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As a CISO responsible for managing cybersecurity strategy, risks, and budgets, you likely know the importance of equipping your Security Operations Center (SOC) with the best tools. But there’s more to it than simply investing in a SIEM and calling it a day. You need to arm your SOC with what we call the royal flush of SOC tools. By investing in these tools, you can deal your team a winning hand and ensure they are well-equipped to detect, respond, and mitigate cyberthreats.

Ace: A Strong Security Data Platform

To achieve real-time analysis and alerts, your SOC needs a robust security data platform. This platform should have the capability to ingest, process, and analyze data with speed and scale.

Devo HyperStream is a data analytics engine that powers the Devo Security Data Platform. It offers unlimited, multisource context in real time, providing your analysts with the necessary tools to stay ahead of threats.

King: Automated Case Management and Incident Response Playbooks

Managing and responding to alerts is often overwhelming for SOC analysts. By implementing automated case management and incident response playbook capabilities, you can streamline activities, group alerts, and automate common response actions.

Devo ThreatLink arms analysts with decision automation and case management. It reduces alert noise by 90% and provides analysts with organized incident cases, allowing them to focus on real threats instead of false positives.

Queen: MITRE ATT&CK® Framework for Threat Identification and Communication

To effectively identify and communicate threat activities, your SOC needs a common language. The MITRE ATT&CK framework provides a comprehensive knowledge base of tactics and techniques used by adversaries. By leveraging this framework, your team can improve threat detection and response.

Devo’s MITRE ATT&CK Adviser app helps SOC teams identify detection gaps and provides insights into the data sources needed to close those gaps.

Jack: Automated Correlation and Searching of Incident and Threat Intel Data

Manual work can lead to burnout and impede the efficiency of your SOC. Automating correlation and searching of incident and threat intel data can significantly speed up investigations and reduce the burden on your analysts.

Devo DeepTrace automates investigations by asking hundreds of thousands of questions to construct full attack traces detailing an attacker’s actions. This allows analysts to make faster decisions and focus on remediation work.

10: Access to the Broader Security Community

Collaboration and information sharing are vital for staying ahead of evolving cyberthreats. Your analysts need access to the broader security community, where they can tap into valuable information and come together to solve problems faster.

Devo Collective Defense, Devo Connect, and Devo Exchange all enable deep intelligence sharing, global collaboration, and the sharing of new content.

Dealing your SOC the royal flush of SOC tools is the best way to enhance their effectiveness and improve your organization’s overall cybersecurity posture. So, invest in the right tools and get ready to win the cybersecurity game.

To learn more about how to deal your SOC a winning hand, download this comprehensive guide.

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