Don’t Miss SOC Analyst Appreciation Day 2023

It’s no secret that working in the SOC is stressful—increased tasks, increased alerts, staffing shortages, and a lack of continued training contribute to stress on the job, according to 95% of surveyed SOC professionals. But this demanding, challenging, and stressful job is the first line of defense against cyber threats and is crucial to any organization’s success.

These unsung SOC heroes deserve recognition. That’s why Devo established SOC Analyst Appreciation Day (SAAD) in 2021. By taking the time to stop, recognize, and appreciate everything SOC analysts do, we can both give credit where credit is due and learn a bit more about what makes these security professionals the first line of defense against malicious attacks. Register for SAAD here.

Get Excited for This Year’s Virtual SAAD Event

On October 18th, security experts from across the infosec community will take to the virtual stage to share their experience, knowledge, and insights with attendees. Here’s a taste of what’s on tap:

SOC Hacks with John Hammond

John Hammond, principal security researcher at Huntress and prolific YouTube cybersecurity content creator, gives attendees a taste of what it would look like for SOC analysts working on the 3CX supply chain attack earlier this year. John will cover it all from the first response to reducing the impact to eventual remediation.

AI and Automation’s Role in the SOC

This four-panelist session examines the emerging role of AI in the SOC. What benefits does AI really offer? Where does it come up short? And what does the increasing use of AI mean for SOC professionals?

A Day in the Life of the SOC

Ever wondered what SOC analysts do all day? We’ve got you covered with this panel, presented by Jules Okafor, David Meece, and Jay Jay Davey. Attendees will discover what it’s really like for tier 1 analysts, senior security staff, and team leaders during a typical day in the SOC, and explore how we can make SOC life better.

3 Ways to Celebrate Your SOC Analysts

While attending SAAD is a great way to learn more about SOC analyst stressors and challenges, you can also celebrate SOC analysts before and after the event. Here are three ways to appreciate SOC staff on the job.

1. Say Thanks

It’s simple, but it goes a long way. Take a minute to track down SOC staff and thank them for all their work. Acknowledge that keeping up with new threats while simultaneously navigating business processes is no easy task. With many SOC analysts feeling stressed because they’re expected to constantly be on call due to staffing shortages, direct appreciation can go a long way in helping them feel seen and valued.

And if you are a SOC analyst, consider showing some love to your peers. After all, you know the stress of their day-to-day responsibilities better than anyone else, and kudos from you will go a long way.

2. Send a SOC-Specific E-card

Look, we get it—sometimes you just can’t find the right words to show appreciation to your SOC colleagues. Or maybe you want a great SOC-related pun but nothing comes to mind. Whether it’s heartfelt or humorous, clever or caring, Devo has you covered with a collection of e-cards that help leaders show their SOC teams the love. Check out the choices here.

3. Show Up with Cake

Or pizza. Hold a virtual happy hour, or spend a bit on small gifts for the whole SOC team. It doesn’t have to be something big; instead, it’s about taking the time and making the effort to show security analysts that their work is noticed and their efforts are valued.

SOC Analysts: The Security MVPs

SOC analysts are a lot like soccer (football) goalkeepers: plenty of responsibility with little recognition. If a goalkeeper does their job, the other team can’t score, but home team wins are typically credited to goal scorers, not keepers. If a goal (or two) goes in, keepers are in the hot seat. SOCs have the same experience. If they prevent cyberattacks, they often go unnoticed. If they can’t, questions abound. SOC analysts are the real security MVPs—and attending SAAD is one way to stop, reflect, and recognize the real impact of these key players.

And if you’re a member of the SOC community, SAAD is all about YOU! Come hear from the best in the business. You’ll learn methods for coping with stress, glean insights on accelerating your career, and brush up on your security skills with real-life use cases.

Ready to appreciate the SOC professionals in your circle and learn more about the evolving role of the SOC? Register here for SOC Analyst Appreciation Day 2023, and we’ll see you on October 18th!

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