Devo SOARs to New Heights with LogicHub Acquisition

In cybersecurity, one thing is certain: the bad guys are relentless. They never stop working and scheming to find new ways to attack weaknesses in data security. Their objective is criminally simple: breach organizations to steal and monetize data. And they use every means possible to do it.

On the other side are cybersecurity companies and the professionals who work for them. We never stop working to improve our products and services to protect our customers from those global threat actors. Our mission is to stop adversaries before they achieve their goals.

That’s why Devo is continually expanding and refining our cybersecurity offerings and capabilities. These efforts include acquiring complementary solutions that enable us to provide ever more innovative and comprehensive security offerings.

And that brings us to today’s news: Devo has acquired LogicHub, a SaaS cloud-native security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) innovator. LogicHub improves SOC efficiency up to tenfold by empowering security teams to address the growing barrage of cyberattacks. It also enables SOCs to scale and augment their existing security talent. You can read all about it in our news release.

The Journey to the Autonomous SOC
A few months ago, Devo announced its commitment to bringing the many benefits of the autonomous SOC to our customers. Simply put, the autonomous SOC is going to reinvent how security teams work by delivering complete visibility, analytics and access to the latest community expertise and content. The LogicHub acquisition will play a big part in this.

The autonomous SOC will do this by leveraging advanced capabilities such as automation, AI, and machine learning. These combined capabilities will enable overburdened SOC analysts, who are burning out from the pressures of their work, to focus on the most critical issues to perform faster, more effective incident response and detection to resolve threats on large-scale cloud and legacy infrastructures.

What Devo and LogicHub Deliver
The addition of LogicHub to the Devo Platform further accelerates Devo’s ability to deliver on our vision of the autonomous SOC.

LogicHub provides intuitive case management that adapts to SOC workflows, enabling security teams to track and collaborate seamlessly on security incidents. It also continuously captures the metrics that matter most to the business so you can ensure your organization completely understands your security outcomes. And LogicHub — with more than 300 integrations —seamlessly integrates with your security team’s environment. And if you require a new integration, we’ll create it.

LogicHub also adds critical technology to the Devo Platform by enabling organizations to exceed the support capabilities of the typical SOAR. And, in one of its most impressive capabilities, LogicHub’s patented decision automation technology is proven to surpass human accuracy, which means analysts can fully trust the decisions and actions it makes during playbook execution.

Less Pain, More Gain for SOC Analysts
But wait (as they say in those annoying-but-mesmerizing late-night TV ads) there’s more!

LogicHub’s AI tech, AuDRA (Autonomous Detection and Response Assistant), provides security teams with guided playbook creation assistance. AuDRA sits right by the analyst’s side and enables no-code playbook creation. That makes SOAR capabilities accessible to security teams of all experience levels.

The addition of LogicHub to Devo’s cloud-native logging and security analytics, SciSec-curated threat detections, and autonomous investigations provides security teams with the ability to boost SOC performance — without needing to find and try to hire scarce security analysts.

When Will This Be Available?
This is the part where you expect me to say, “the Devo team will be working diligently with our new LogicHub colleagues to make all of this available at some not-too-far-but-not-too-close-unspecific-future-time,” right? Nope. That’s not how we’re doing it.

LogicHub is available — TODAY — to all current Devo customers as a standalone SaaS solution. In the coming months, we’ll fully integrate LogicHub into the Devo Platform. In the meantime, we’ll be having a webinar on Thursday, Sept. 29 to tell you more and answer your questions about all of the amazing things this acquisition means for Devo customers. Here’s the link to register.

I hope you find this news as exciting as all of us at Devo, including our new LogicHub colleagues, do. In fact, as we’ve been working toward today’s announcement, we’ve all been smiling so much that our faces are SOAR… er, I mean sore. But in a good way.

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