Stop Making Excuses for Your Legacy SIEM

Don’t compromise your attack readiness because legacy architecture and infrastructure limitations are holding you back. Learn how the Devo Security Data Platform empowers security teams with the speed and scale, real-time analytics, and actionable intelligence that they need. 

Size Up your SIEM

Devo vs. Traditional SIEMs

400 days of total visibility

Traditional on-prem SIEM solutions lack the computing power to search or the storage capacity to retain all the data you need. Organizations must make tough decisions about what data is “must-have” vs. “nice to have.”

Devo unleashes the power of the SOC with its flexible ingest approach, enabling you to achieve complete visibility into all your data and search on it for as long as you need. Ingest and enrich any data type in real-time and store it hot for 400 days.

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Legacy SIEMs don’t scale well due to on-prem hardware limitations of computing, memory, and storage. This makes it difficult for traditional SIEMs to grow with your business.

Devo’s cloud-native model enables you to take full advantage of scalable computing, memory, and storage resources. No matter how much you grow, you’ll always be in the sweet spot for maximum performance.

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Hardware maintenance is… hard. On-prem SIEMs need constant patches, with complete upgrades every 3-5 years. Even right out of the box, they require significant administrative overhead.

Eliminate your SIEM management issues forever and empower your analysts to focus on the high-value activities that matter. Devo manages your environment for you so you always have access to the latest and greatest features. Why babysit your SIEM when you should be focusing on TDIR?

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With a legacy SIEM, the cost of collecting, storing, and searching expanding data volumes impedes investments and increases risk. Devo offers a cloud-native, SaaS-based security data platform that combines the capabilities of SIEM, SOAR, and UEBA to conduct faster threat detection and incident response (TDIR) – all within a single platform. Lower your TCO and enhance your security posture with one license and zero surprises.

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Learn why the University of Oklahoma made the switch from Elastic

Log management can be like drinking from a fire hose, especially when juggling multiple tools. Devo not only solves that pain point, it has really sped a lot of that up so that we’re not playing the waiting game.

James Cassidy Intermediate Security Analyst, University of Oklahoma


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