Threat Hunting

Hunt across all data—and instantly pivot from investigating to hunting​

  • Quickly and easily hunt across years of historical data​
  • Test hypotheses, find IOCs, and capture findings—all within the same workflow​

Find the threats hiding in your data​

The Devo Platform puts you ahead in the fight against adversaries. Proactively identify IOCs across all your data with a solution that propels you to an answer, faster.​

Test ever-evolving hypotheses on the fly​

Threat hunting is an exploratory activity requiring flexibility, speed, and complete visibility to test evolving hypotheses. Quickly and iteratively query and pivot across petabytes of data to identify IOCs and connect the dots. Leverage historical data to map advanced threat campaigns across time—as far back as they go. Then, launch investigations based on your findings.​

A Buyer’s Guide to Centralized Logging

Compare deployment models, architectures and pricing of log management solutions: Devo, Splunk and ELK Stack.

A tool that lets analysts excel​

Creativity is critical to threat hunting, but most tools impede it. Devo facilitates analyst creativity with easy access to threat intelligence, entity analytics, and real-time context for richer analysis. Visually correlate massive volumes of data with context to understand adversarial TTPs. ​

“As a SaaS company building out our first SOC, finding a solution that was truly cloud native and could easily scale with us as we grow were critical requirements. Devo was the clear strategic choice around which to build the base of our SOC technology stack.”

Lucas Moody, Head of Security Innovations & Operations at Rubrik

Capture findings, improve SOC operations

Threat hunting should not be a one-and-done activity. Drive continuous improvement by incorporating previous findings into detections, investigation workflows, and data enrichment. The result will be improved SOC operations, reduced duplication of efforts, and more time to move on to the next hunt.​