Devo: A Cloud-Native Alternative to Splunk

Massive scalability, superior performance and broader functionality at a fraction of the price

Compare Devo vs. Splunk vs. ELK Stack

Read our guide to discover why Devo is the clear choice for centralized logging in cloud-first organizations.

All your data, one low price

Splunk pricing is unpredictable and complicated. Devo pricing is simple and predictable: We are a single-license subscription service. You get access to all functionality for one price, which makes budgeting easy. This means you can bring in more data with a significantly lower TCO. Why compromise on security and IT use cases to save money, when you can have it all?

Keep your data hot for longer

Up to 400 days of hot data is available by default with Devo—and it can go back for years, if needed. Put an end to slow query results due to S3 cache tiers and old-school siloed indexes. Threat hunt across PBs of data while you trend and compare today’s data with data from last year—or last decade—lightning fast.

True multitenancy

One Devo instance can support any number of customers, teams, or divisions with centralized management and global search capability. You can have full visibility across all of your customers’ data and scale up easily, with minimal cost. Data for each tenant is always segregated and secure from other tenants. It’s perfect for MSSPs and global enterprises with multiple business units.

Stop making data tradeoffs

Real-time, always-on

Want real-time search in Splunk Cloud? Keep dreaming. Even on-prem, variable query latency is de facto with finicky data models. With Devo, every query is always real time.

No-code analytics for all

With a visual query builder and dynamic dashboard capabilities, anyone can build queries and visualize data. Devo is easier to learn, easier to use, and delivers faster time-to-value for users of all skill levels.

True cloud-native SaaS

Devo scales linearly as you add more data and unlock new use cases. Stop managing SHC and bogged-down indexers. Instead, focus on enabling all your users to access the analytics they need to move your business forward.

A true partner

Devo takes pride in working closely with our customers to make their cloud and SOC transformations a big success.

Leading Log Management Vendors Comparison

Discover why Devo is the clear choice for centralized logging in cloud-first organizations.