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A resilient SOC for today and tomorrow

See how Devo enables organizations to transform their security operations

Building the Modern SOC

Four steps to transform your SOC

Establish a foundation of centralized, scalable visibility

A vast, centralized, cloud-based repository of security data is a tremendous asset for any organization, especially when it comes to empowering a SOC team’s threat-hunting and investigation efforts.

But the real value lies in being able to access older data as easily and quickly as you can access real-time streaming data to obtain deeper insights that improve security and enhance operations.

Retaining older data is good but keeping that data “hot” so analysts can actually use it is critical. That’s where Devo Security Operations excels.

Extract intelligent insights from your data

Analysts need the full threat picture, and they need it instantly to defend against sophisticated, relentless attackers.

Automated enrichment enables analysts to see a clear, complete picture of the threat landscape without having to spend valuable time manually querying multiple tools.

Devo Security Operations, a next-gen cloud SIEM application, provides a context-rich view of entities, alerts and prior learning to speed detection and, ultimately, triage and investigation.

Transforming your SOC starts with Devo Security Operations

Supercharge your analysts with the power of automation

Devo automates elements of the SOC workflow and significantly reduces the noise created by too many alerts.

This frees analysts to apply their skills and experience to actively investigate and hunt threats. It helps reduce burnout by relieving analysts of tedious, repetitive work.

Auto enrichment of events provides analysts with real-time, actionable data and rich context, enabling them to investigate and threat hunt more effectively and efficiently.

SOC Automation Use Cases

Streamline processes and achieve higher SOC productivity

Take advantage of Devo’s robust SOAR capabilities to streamline key SOC processes.

Automating key processes—particularly evidence collection—will make SOC analysts more productive and efficient while reducing fatigue.

Providing analysts with rich data from past investigations will speed up future efforts, while improving security procedures and your overall security posture.