Triage and Investigation with Devo

Investigations that deliver the full threat story


Focus on high-impact alerts, not noise

The longer it takes to identify a threat, the more damage it can cause. Shorten triage time by leveraging auto enrichment and entity modeling. Entity connectivity depicts how entities converse and evolve, which contextualizes alerts. This enables analysts to efficiently and confidently determine the priority and impact of threats moving across the kill chain.


Flying blind wastes time

Analysts’ ability to ask hard questions of their data is the foundation for successful investigations. But supporting evidence and context are required to get the right answer. Devo holistically combines the many forms of context behind a threat—from ATT&CK behaviors to threat data, entity associations and more. With Devo, analysts can visualize entity connectivity, providing vital context for investigations. The Devo Threat Data Service also helps analysts operationalize threat data by consuming and enriching investigations with indicators from open-source, paid and proprietary intelligence feeds.

Crack the case with Devo


Effortlessly centralize and analyze forensic evidence

Make confident, evidence-based decisions to accelerate MTTR by easily uploading artifacts—files, images, memory dumps, PCAPs, metadata and more—to the Devo Evidence Locker. Analysts can then leverage their forensics skills to quickly analyze data for a deep understanding of threats.

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