Triage and Investigation

Investigations that get to the full threat story


Focus analysts’ time on high impact alerts, not noise

The longer it takes to identify a threat, the less time there is to eradicate it. Leverage real-time alerting with greater confidence on the priority and impact of threats and track movement across the kill chain based on rich behavioral analytics. Integrate intelligence early to more easily triage alerts and derive actionable insights based on observations.


Stop flying blind and wasting time

Investigations require being able to ask hard questions of your data, but it’s tough to answer questions without supporting evidence. Quickly gather information on a threat by correlating, enriching, and pivoting on all incident-relevant data across time, with the context of threat and malware intelligence; then interact with your findings. Incorporate community collaboration, facilitated by an infrastructure designed to operationalize global threat sharing, to gain even richer context.

Crack the case with Devo


Effortlessly act on your insights

The purpose of investigative data is the decision and action it drives. Make confident, evidence-based decisions to accelerate time to resolution by leveraging intuitive workflows; and automatically learn analyst behaviors to reduce repetitive tasks.

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