Cyber Threat Hunting

Hunt across all your data with ease


Test ever-evolving hypotheses on the fly

Threat hunting is an exploratory activity that requires flexibility, speed, and complete visibility to test evolving hypotheses. Quickly and iteratively query and pivot across petabytes of data to identify IOCs and connect the dots. Leverage historical data to map advanced threat campaigns across time – no matter how far back they go. Then, launch investigations based on your findings.

Guide to Threat Hunting Techniques


Foster analyst creativity to improve threat hunting

Creativity is an integral part of threat hunting. Facilitate analyst creativity with easy access to threat and malware intelligence, behavioral observations, and real-time context for richer analysis. Visually correlate massive volumes of data and context to understand adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures. Then, label, save, share, and collaborate on your findings.


Move from verifying a hunch to automating your findings

Threat hunting should not be a one-and-done activity. Drive continuous improvement by incorporating previous findings into detections, investigation workflows, and data enrichment. The result: improved SOC operations, reduced duplicate efforts, and more time to move on to the next hunt.

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