Cyber Threat Hunting

Take charge of your enterprise


Easily test ever-evolving hypotheses

There’s no shortage of possible threats in your environment. Explore complex hypotheses to identify past and present threats. Quickly shift gears and adapt to new findings – all without skipping a beat. Bring together threat intelligence and situational awareness to enhance your analysis with richer context.

Guide to Threat Hunting Techniques


Support creative detective work

Your analysts need flexibility and speed to effectively explore all potential threats impacting your enterprise. Identify and map advanced threat patterns across time – no matter how far back they go. Dive into the raw data to build out threat campaigns, and share and collaborate on your findings across the SOC.


Transform your findings into automation

Cyber threat hunting is not a one-and-done activity. Your findings are critical to developing your intelligence. Power your SOC with actionable threat insight. Inform automated processes by integrating your discoveries into the alert and workflow logic, reduce double-work, and ultimately, free analysts to move onto the next hunt.

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