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Transform with a Next-Gen SIEM

Discover the benefits of putting a true next-gen SIEM to work for your organization

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What makes a SIEM “next-gen”?

Confused by what distinguishes a next-gen SIEM from a legacy SIEM? You’re not alone.

Many companies claim to offer a next-gen SIEM, but only Devo Technology combines all the capabilities and benefits of a true next-gen SIEM into a single, affordable solution.

Why do you need a next-gen SIEM? Advanced adversaries, applications moving rapidly to the cloud, more data — there are many reasons a legacy SIEM just doesn’t cut it anymore. Let’s look at the key requirements of a next-gen SIEM.

What Is SIEM: Understanding Next-Gen SIEM

Easy integrations

For a next-gen SIEM to deliver full value to your organization, it must integrate seamlessly with all of the data sources, threat intelligence tools, and other technologies in your SOC that enable your analysts to stay on top of the threat landscape.

Devo makes integrations automatic and intuitive. Your team doesn’t have to worry about diverse technologies working together. Everything you need — including at least 400 days of always-hot data — is right there.

Detection with context is king

Fast, accurate threat hunting, investigation and response are possible only when analysts have full context about the alerts crossing their screens. Devo enables analysts to focus on the threats that matter most by enriching data with known threat activity, prior investigation history, and third-party intelligence feeds.

Having that complete context at their fingertips across the entire threat lifecycle makes analysts — especially L-1 and L-2 analysts — more productive and effective.

Threat Detection and Response Solution

Put analysts front and center

Working as a SOC analyst is a tough job. Devo eases analyst pain by providing the seamless integrations and full context that analysts need to succeed. With Devo, analysts also benefit from:

  • A unified workflow
  • User and entity behavior analytics (UEBA)
  • Automation that eliminates alert overload and time-consuming, manual information gathering

Devo makes your analysts more effective by empowering them to use their expertise to stop cyberthreats, instead of spending their time maintaining the solution. It also makes collaboration among team members seamless.

The price is right

Devo brings simplicity to your SOC by alleviating the burdens of updating tools and maintaining an on-premises SIEM. You also avoid the unpredictable, fast-growing costs we have all come to expect from traditional SIEM.

With Devo, you get all the tools, capabilities and workflow you need in one package with easy-to-understand licensing. Devo makes your SOC successful today and tomorrow by scaling as your organization grows — without you needing to worry about it — for years to come.