Devo for Enterprise Log Management

Go from traditional to transformational


Replace legacy infrastructure to enable enterprise-wide logging and monitoring

Goodbye Splunk and ELK. Hello Devo. Organizations are realizing that traditional log management will crumble under crushing data volumes and complexity. Restrictive data caps, inflexible licensing, missing query results, delayed alerts, and analyst frustration – just a few reasons enterprises are replacing traditional ELM with the Devo Data Analytics Platform.

Switching from Splunk to Devo


Consolidate to simplify your architecture, simplify operations

A typical enterprise has a minimum of 4 data-ingestion tools, 3 monitoring tools, and multiple security analytics tools, plus countless dashboards. Complexity chokes collaboration and time to resolution. Devo ELM is the simplest way to unify both the data and analytics. Bring all the data, events, alerts & metrics from multiple collection tools into a single platform to deliver faster detection and resolution to all operational teams.

Tool Consolidation with Devo


Extend existing log management to handle new initiatives and data

A cloud PaaS environment? Are new apps adding new data sources? It’s likely that areas of your enterprise aren’t being monitored. And your existing log management is tapped out. That’s where Devo No-Compromise log management comes in – cost effectively enhance your legacy log management solution, data lake, or SIEM. Devo works alongside all the analytics in your stack—while scaling from GBs to TBs, handling 10X bursts, and servicing thousands of concurrent queries.

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