Devo for Log Management

Collect, monitor, correlate, and analyze logs for better business decisions


Log management built to keep pace

Traditional log management approaches require reprocessing to handle even basic changes in data formats. That’s a big headache when you're dealing with multi-terabytes a day. Devo stores all data in its original raw format, processing data only at query time. As data formats change, simply update the fields and rerun.

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Be ready for this audit - and the next 15

Trying to comply with 100s of regulations that affect how you manage data? For auditors, data doesn’t have an expiration date. You need to find accurate data fast. With Devo all data is hot - no more cold data or data swamps. Whether it’s SOX, GDPR, or PCI-DSS, Devo lets you stay on top of audit reporting at scale.


Normal, abnormal or enriched - raising the game in log management

Endpoints, networks, servers, apps - comprehensive monitoring is table stakes. What matters is having the speed to detect abnormal behaviors before they affect operations and understand what happened during an incident. We don’t stop there - it’s easy to continuously add data sources, context and design custom views, all at query time, with industry-fastest query speeds.

Built-in Anomaly Detection

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