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A modern approach to IT operations

Bring together logs, metrics and trace data to get the visibility and analytics you need to troubleshoot and resolve problems end-to-end.

Put the cloud to work for you

Devo is a completely managed SaaS solution. You don’t need to architect, manage, secure, patch or back it up, unlike all the other infrastructure IT teams have to manage.

Devo provides at least 400 days of always hot, searchable data at lightning-fast speed, providing critical insights for understanding how your environment changes over time.

A service-driven approach

Use the Devo Service Operations application to build end-to-end service delivery maps to not only measure SLAs, but instantly isolate the fault domain across the entire delivery chain.

Stop looking at bits and pieces of your services in multiple consoles and obtain a holistic, service-driven view of how well it is delivering value.

Looking for more info on Devo Service Operations?

We have a whole page, just for you.

Scale your ITOps team with ML

Use the power of machine learning to identify anomalous behavior and isolate the fault domain across all your on-premises and cloud environments.

Devo gives you the full power of machine learning models—out of the box, with no additional costs.

Everyone can be a hero

With Devo’s no-code analytics, any analyst can monitor and troubleshoot across the stack without needing specialized coding skills.

Devo’s visual UI offers point-and-click workflows that everyone can use to get answers quickly.

“Devo makes it easy to see all our network, endpoint and cloud on one dashboard, instead of having to jump from system to system.”

Art Faccio

Director, IGT