Devo for Intelligent IT Operations

Enabling IT operations with a cloud-scale data analytics platform


Back to raw data for a unified operational view

Data – event, metrics, text, wire – is scattered everywhere, in the cloud, on-premise, and in-between. You need full -stack visibility to understand what’s happening in your complex environments. Devo makes it easy to get to raw logs, events and metrics – you have to drill deep to find answers quickly.

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Adapt to constant change

Now you see it, now you don’t. With modern apps, data can exist for moments, then disappear, making it impossible to see what is happening, let alone troubleshoot. With Devo, you instantly see and interact with data from any element.


AIOps at speed and scale

What good is cool ML if it can’t be deployed on real-time streaming data? Predict problems before they happen and fix them fast with Devo Time Series Anomaly Detection and Capacity Forecasting. Machine learning is built into the Devo platform – easily filtering out the noise so you can focus on alerts that matters the most.

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End-user and business impact assessment

Connect the dots – between IT-speak and business impact. With Devo Activeboards and topology mapping, visualizing a complex stack – from service to app to IT elements is a snap. Let analysts and business stakeholders interact with real-time analytics to understand end-user, revenue, cost, risk impacts and KPIs.


Bring data to life to give it meaning

Machine and log data analytics now as easy as Excel. Point, click, play – quickly compare related KPIs of interest, find interesting patterns and conduct any analysis in a matter of minutes.

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