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Devo for IT Operations

Enabling IT operations with a scalable Data Operations Platform


Adapt to constant change

Now you see it, now you don’t. With modern apps, data can exist for moments, then disappear, making it impossible to see what is happening, let alone troubleshoot. With Devo, you instantly see and interact with data from any element.


AIOps on speed

Machine learning on petabyte data volumes can’t translate to value unless it drives timely insight. Devo anomaly detection algorithms and extensible frameworks work at light speed on both real-time streams and historical data to predict outages before they happen and pinpoint root cause.

Guide to AIOps


Deploy apps and infrastructure your way

Today a single application can run in a datacenter, interact with a cloud app, and migrate between environments to optimize workloads, all in minutes. Don’t worry about where the app is - monitor and see all your data, regardless of where apps are deployed - cloud, on-prem or hybrid.

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