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Devo Service Operations

Achieve Total Visibility in Modern IT ​Environments

Arm your ops team to rapidly determine root cause and assess business risk

Devo Service Operations overcomes the monitoring gaps introduced by hybrid environments, the scale challenges due to explosive data growth, and ensuing monitoring tool sprawl, all with a single cloud-native solution.

Intelligent monitoring of complex applications and services

Service Operations enables operations teams to visually assess overall service performance and quickly determine the root cause of service issues. With all data accessible via the Devo Platform, the full performance picture is always available with real-time insights and detailed context. And with integrated machine-learning capabilities, there’s less noise so your operations team can be more proactive.

Transform the way you monitor your operations

Get the complete picture

Trying to understand what’s going on when multiple data collection and analytics tools are in use is a tough proposition. Devo consolidates these disparate views into one—automatically—by providing visibility into your entire service stack with seamless integrations. The intuitive visual approach of Service Operations enables you to have full understanding of high-level service status while also enabling analysts to dig deep into the service stack to investigate and remediate issues before they impact operations.

Shift from reactive to proactive

The ML-powered analytics of Service Operations reduce false positives while detecting and predicting issues before they occur. All of this occurs in real time and at any scale. Devo lets you go beyond the constraints of static alert thresholds and fully leverage ML-based alerts that learn about your operations—what’s normal and what’s not—without requiring intervention. Integrations with Slack, PagerDuty, and other tools make it easy to integrate Devo into your current operations workflow.

Be the root-cause hero

Let’s face it, applications and services can get pretty complicated. When something goes wrong, the last thing you need is for your investigation to hit a dead end. Service Operations seamlessly ties together KPIs from application, infrastructure, and cloud sources, making it far easier to pinpoint the exact cause of a service outage. Was it a K8s pod or AWS networking issue? Is this something that’s been showing signs of issues previously? Answer these questions and more to quickly home in on the root cause and prevent a service outage before your users even notice.

Act with confidence

Once an issue is discovered, the goal is to remediate it as fast as possible. Service Operations provides next-best actions to guide analysts on the path to remediation. Integrations with ticketing tools such as ServiceNow and Jira, and workflow engines such as Flogo, make it easy to integrate Service Operations with the toolset you currently use to track and address service issues.

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