SOAR Use Case: Alert Triage – Triage Network Events

No matter what security solutions an organization has that monitor network activity (SIEM, DPI, IDS, etc), they typically generate a high volume of ambiguously categorized or ill-defined network events that you don’t have time to analyze. But these events may be tied to malicious activity with the potential to cause severe damage if it goes undetected. For example, you might receive low priority proxy events from your SIEM that don’t register as critical events because the domain is unknown and doesn’t trigger a higher risk rating by the platform.

Devo SOAR can automatically analyze and triage network events at scale from any tool in your stack, including SIEM, IDS, DPI, NGFW, etc., by enriching them with additional critical context from threat intelligence platforms and performing automated decision making. Relevant event detail is automatically extracted and sent to one or more threat intelligence platforms to identify traffic with suspicious or malicious IPs and domains. Devo SOAR can automatically assign a new risk rating and compare that against additional information from other sources, like potential IOCs flagged by a proxy service. An overall risk score is then generated and the alert or event is automatically triaged to immediately initiate the appropriate incident response process.

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