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Harness the Power of Your SAP Data with SAP PowerConnect for Devo

If you rely on SAP systems to power your daily operations, you’re not alone. Organizations across the world rely on SAP data, but struggle to ingest that data into their existing IT and security tools to streamline management and monitoring of their SAP systems.

That’s where PowerConnect for Devo comes in. Watch this webinar with as RHONDOS, the premier distributor of SAP PowerConnect, and Devo, the cloud-native logging and security analytics company, introduce SAP PowerConnect for Devo. PowerConnect simplifies how organizations manage and monitor the security and performance of their SAP systems by enabling the ingestion of SAP data into the Devo Platform.

Learn how SAP PowerConnect for Devo equips your team to:

  • Address existing challenges faced when ingesting SAP data into security logging and analytics solutions
  • Gain visibility into SAP systems to continuously monitor and identify suspicious activity by correlating SAP and non-SAP data
  • Create and leverage Activeboards and alerts to monitor and analyze SAP data in the Devo Platform

Ready to release the full potential of your security data?

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