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Resources and documentation on the Devo Platform.
A Buyer’s Guide for Centralized Log Management

This guide will provide you with the knowledge of deployment types, architecture, and pricing model of ELK, Splunk and Devo.

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Entity Behavior Analytics

Entity behavioral analytics is a core tenet for enhanced detection and an important capability of the modern SIEM.

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Observability & Monitoring Guide for IT Operations

What is observability, how is it achieved, and what are the attributes of successful operations teams who have achieved total observability.

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Advanced Threat Detection

Discover how advanced threat detection solutions leverage context, entity analytics, and other detection content to identify exploits.

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Cybersecurity Analytics

Mature SecOps teams leverage an integrated set of capabilities from best of breed solutions to establish an end-to-end experience from data collection to response.

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Cybersecurity Frameworks

The evolving nature of security frameworks is a testament to the industry’s need for adaptability in a constantly changing, high-stakes domain. Learn more about common cybersecurity frameworks.

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Incident Response Process

Gain Devo insight on how to build an incident response process to contain, eradicate, and recover from an attack – before data is lost or the business is irreparably harmed.

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Threat Investigation and Digital Forensics

Fast and accurate threat investigation can reduce the overall impact of a threat, saving the business from bad press, a dented wallet, and lots of agita.

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Threat Hunting Techniques

In this section of the Guide to the Future SOC, Devo reviews modern threat hunting challenges and techniques.

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Guide to the Future SOC

Devo provides insights on SOC maturity spanning core capabilities and functions, technologies and platforms, and frameworks.

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