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Go from pilot to production — fast

What good are models if you can’t run them in real time at enterprise scale? Our Machine Learning Workbench is a standard capability of the Devo Platform.

Try it today and see how your entire team can accomplish impactful and transformational work faster than ever.

Download the Data Sheet

Explore, model and deploy!

Tailor-made to visualize any data set. Use common ML models or craft your own using Devo’s always-hot historical data. Deploy your models and turn real-time streaming data into real action.

Use Data Explorer‘s point-and-click graphical interface to explore distributions, stats and correlations. It’s useful for both analysts and data scientists to quickly look at the shape of any data set. Then use Quick Modeler to apply common ML techniques and build a model on our data. Finally, use Model Server to deploy your models in Devo and put your business logic to work on your data.

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