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Insight and data at everyone’s fingertips

Turn every team member into a power user of machine data analytics


A query interface anyone can use

You don’t have to attend a long certification class or learn a complex query language. With the Devo visually-driven query builder, non-technical users can search, select, visualize and analyze their own machine data without writing a single line of code. Power users can use the standard query language LinQ.

Devo query builder


Create and collaborate with dashboards

Growing large-scale environments require organizational collaboration. Devo makes it simple for analysts and business stakeholders to view, search, modify, and enrich collected data. Intuitively view searches, find past queries, retrace steps and share results.

Devo Activeboards


Real-time monitoring and alerting

Devo alerts trigger when the results of a specific search meet a predefined condition. Choose to alert on real-time events, like specific error codes, or leverage built-in alerts and attack libraries to easily build custom alerts and thresholds.

Alert Management Docs


Easy extensibility with APIs

Easily provision users. Kick off queries, check status and easily forward results to different data repositories. Use OData feeds to see Devo query results in your existing data analytics and BI tools.

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Build apps with disparate data sources

Eliminate silos and tie machine data insights together, regardless of source, system or location in the stack. Surface hidden insights and build end-to-end applications with ease.

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