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Unparalleled speed, scalability and clarity

The Devo Platform enables you to ask more questions, visualize more data, and access valuable analytics to defend and monitor your organization.

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How Devo Works

How it works

Data Ingestion

Devo delivers the industry’s most scalable and flexible ingestion capabilities. We don’t parse or index data on ingest. You can ingest data from any source, even if it’s unrecognized or the format has changed.

We offer Devo Cloud Collectors, Devo Endpoint Agent, and Devo Relay, all of which can collect any log type from anywhere and ship it securely and efficiently — in real time — to Devo. We also integrate with 3rd-party log shippers to make sure we work for you, not the other way around.

Keep pace with large data bursts without dropping events.

The Devo Event Load Balancer provides high-availability ingestion and superior throughput. It makes ingestion highly parallelized and sends data across all available collection engines, which write the log data to highly available encrypted data storage. Each engine can ingest up to 1 million events per second.

How it works

Data Management

Efficient data management at petabyte scale is critical to delivering true scalability. That’s why Devo invented a new multitenant-optimized indexing approach built on unique micro-index technology. Our architecture scales easily, ensuring the indexing capabilities of Devo grow with your data. The result?

Queries never slow, even as more data is ingested.

These space-efficient micro-indexes are created independent of ingestion. Devo micro-indexes at approximately 1/25th the size of typical data indexes. When you query your data, potentially thousands of micro-indexes are used — in parallel — to find the data of interest.

Micro-indexes and superior compression are key architecture capabilities of the Devo Platform that enable always-hot data (400 days is included in our SaaS license), real-time queries, and superior speed and scale.

How it works

Data Query

Querying petabyte-sized data sets to answer questions quickly, visualize trends, and perform advanced analytics is easier said than done. The Devo Platform delivers on these requirements — and more.

Only Devo supports thousands of concurrent real-time queries. We don’t penalize you for being curious!

Devo distributes queries across all available engines. Query engines are multithreaded processes that scale with your data query needs. Another advantage is that collection, query and index operations function independently, so a large ingest spike will not affect query, and vice versa.

Let’s look at a basic query where a user is searching for an IP address across 12 months of firewall data. This might stress other solutions, but not Devo.

The query engines immediately locate the predefined storage locations for the relevant dates, data type, and tenant. Working in parallel, the engines access and use the relevant micro-indexes to quickly identify all occurrences of the IP address. The identified events are assembled, parsed and returned to the user for further analysis. Best of all, this happens amazingly fast.

Key Platform Features

Bring your data to life with Activeboards for rich, interactive, real-time visualizations

Activeboards enable you to visualize all the data you have in Devo quickly and precisely. Choose from multiple widgets to tailor your visual analytics and interact with your data. This makes it possible to perform complex analytics tasks with point-and-click ease.

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Real-time alerting for all your needs

Stream-based alerting means you’re notified immediately when a predefined condition is met. Need to detect an impossible traveler scenario in real time across multiple auth data sets? No problem. The Devo Platform integrates with all your favorite alerting tools—including PagerDuty and Slack.

Unlock the promise of machine learning — at scale

Integrated machine learning makes it possible to spot outliers in massive data sets — in real time. With Devo, you can bring in your own machine learning models to get the exact analytics you need.

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Give all your data the value it so (en)richly deserves

Data enrichment takes a piece of information that by itself has little value, but when paired with other key data provides the context you need. Devo makes data enrichment possible with static key value pair data sets and dynamic data sets — providing your team with total flexibility.

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Full support for your data ecosystem

Out of the box, the Devo Platform supports hundreds of technologies—no configuration required—so you get fast value, whether the data is on-prem or in the cloud. Have a custom data set? Our autoparser features an easy-to-use wizard, so you can configure exactly how to parse the data set.

Use aggregations to gain value from your data in new ways

Data aggregations automatically summarize data for you. This effectively creates metrics from your logs so you can instantly understand and visualize trends. Aggregated data is automatically used to speed up queries and Activeboards, enabling the Devo Platform to deliver the analytics you need—fast.

Endless Integration Possibilities

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Devo Documentation

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