Free yourself from data management

Spend less time making things work, and more time building for what's next


Stop indexing on ingest

Traditional indexing is the Achilles’ heel of large-scale data platforms. With Devo, data isn’t transformed on ingest - it’s immediately available for query. Events are tagged by time, source and customer and immediately written to disk - drastically reducing upfront infrastructure.

How Devo Indexes Data


Data should always be hot

Forget about prioritizing different buckets - warm or cold. With Devo all data - historical, real-time and streaming - is kept hot, thanks to 90% compression and space-efficient micro-indexes. Stop worrying about performance, stop waiting - go ahead and analyze all your data.


Don’t let data formats slow you down

Devo parses data at query, meaning re-indexing is never needed to ask new questions of your data. As your data changes, simply update your parser and your tables, visualizations and reports adapt seamlessly for both real-time and historical data.


Offload data management from traditional analytics tools

Your tools – service desk, BI, security analytics and more - contain years of organizational practices but weren’t designed for large-scale data. Devo delivers analytics at scale, reducing compute-intensive data management tasks while filtering new insights to users.

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