Monitoring stack consolidation

Get the complete picture—always​

  • Eliminate redundant and siloed monitoring solutions​
  • Centralize data with a low TCO solution that scales for future growth​

A single solution for operations monitoring

Monitoring operations with more than one solution is hard, time-consuming, and error-prone. Consolidation solves these challenges and delivers the accurate picture you need. ​

Enterprise-class monitoring

Siloed monitoring tools may work well if your operations aren’t complex and your applications few. But enterprises need a different approach to ensure superior customer experience. Having the full, end-to-end view of your operations from a single vantage point lets you assess risk, respond quickly to issues, and keep your customers happy.​


Consolidate without compromise​

Consolidation might sound like a heavy lift, but we make it easy to bring together all your data and address all your use cases. We do it without the typical data management overhead, inflexible data schemes, and cost. Devo makes it seamless and affordable to onboard new data sources, spin up new users, and obtain the deep monitoring capabilities you deserve. Consolidation achieved. Compromise avoided.​