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IT Operations must be able to monitor, predict and proactively support the uptime of all business-critical infrastructure and applications. Devo enables IT Operations to meet application uptime requirements and improve mean-time-to-response (MTTR), ensuring a positive user experience.

Devo for IT Operations

Troubleshoot with Intuitive Search

Troubleshooting is simplified with Devo. The Devo Data Operations Platform supports data from any infrastructure element and enables searches of Petabyte-scale data sets. Use the platform to accelerate troubleshooting across servers and applications and to diagnose network issues by searching logs from routers and other devices.

Unified Cloud and On-Prem View

Infrastructure and applications rarely live in a single environment. An application running in an on-premises data center may interact with services in the cloud, or even migrate itself based on workload performance. Understanding and monitoring these types of complex applications and infrastructures requires a unified view of operational data across all operational environments. Devo takes data from all sources, applications, infrastructure, and devices. And the Devo platform can be deployed in cloud, on-premises, or in a hybrid environment, empowering IT operations teams to choose the best model for their business.

From Firefighter to Strategic Partner

IT is under pressure to shift from tactical operations support to strategic business partner. The Devo Data Operations Platform provides complete visibility into the organization’s IT ecosystem, from logs to hardware, software, networks, virtual machines and containers. The platform’s visual dashboards enable IT Ops teams to identify and remediate the technology and process inefficiencies that limit their ability to improve IT and business performance.

Predict and Repair with ML

Machine learning offers the ability to predict outages before they happen, using analytics on real-time streams and historical data to troubleshoot or predict a network outage, server failure, IoT sensor error, or application failure. Using this data to take proactive action, like swapping out a drive or moving a set of workloads, can take the enterprise from a reactive to proactive state and improve operations.

The Devo Data Operations Platform enables enterprises to realize the promise of machine learning today. Devo provides common machine learning applications such as anomaly detection. For advanced use cases, Devo provides integrations with industry-standard ML platforms, e.g. Amazon Sagemaker. Data scientists can export data from Devo, model it in familiar tools (Python, R, etc.), and leverage custom resources (e.g. GPUs) as desired. Deploying final models in production is as simple as integrating with Devo HTTP APIs, enabling predictions to be applied in real-time to streaming data.

Ready to Adapt to Change

In the new world of microservices and containers, data may exist for a moment in time, then disappear. This makes it difficult for IT to do things like root-cause analysis, troubleshooting and repair. The Devo Data Operations Platform meets the requirements of IT Operations for real-time visibility into operational data. The platform supports ingestion, analytics and monitoring in real-time on streaming and historical data from any source, enabling IT Operations to increase its responsiveness and efficiency.

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