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Devo @ RSAC 2021

Discover the cloud-native SIEM built for next-gen resilience.

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See what the content-powered next-gen SIEM can do for you

We are excited to show you the most recent release of Devo Security Operations which includes the Devo Content Stream, our new content delivery service that seamlessly delivers high-value content to our customers. With the curated alerts and threat intelligence available in the Content Stream, security teams can take confident action against advanced cyber threats.
Devo Security Engineers will be running group demo sessions covering:
  • New features and capabilities of Devo Security Operations
  • How to create consistent, high-quality alerts and manage them in Devo
  • Security Operations’ innovative approach to analyzing advanced threats like fileless malware
To celebrate the launch of the Devo Content Stream, we’re raffling a new Apple TV 4K every day to demo attendees so you also can stream all of your favorite entertainment content.

What’s New in Devo Security Operations

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Devo Sponsored Session

Simplifying Cloud Shift for SecOps

How can we build a path to an easy, cost effective transition that mitigates disruption? Security operations teams desperately need a simple way to successfully shift to the cloud. Limited visibility—due to shortcomings of legacy monitoring and security analytics technologies—handcuffs teams from making this crucial transition.

In this session hosted by Devo, we’ll cover:

  • How cloud-native technologies improve visibility for security teams
  • The challenges organizations face in their shift to the cloud
  • Reasons why are business leaders reluctant to change

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.