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Whether you’re considering moving to Splunk Cloud from their on-prem solution or you just have migration on your mind, we’re here to say: there’s a better way. Scroll to explore a smarter SIEM for a better SOC.

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Devo vs Splunk Cloud

Confidence in the cloud

Splunk was designed as an on-prem platform for a very different threat and IT environment. While they now offer a cloud solution, its performance shortcomings and high cost of ownership persist. Now, the pressures of a major acquisition are bound to bring innovation and improvements to a grinding halt.

Devo is an independent, SaaS Platform–born in the cloud with effortless scalability. Ingest any data from any source with exponentially higher search performance. Stay ahead of threats with unlimited searches and leading-edge AI-powered analytics.

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Does Splunk’s incremental billing feel like death by a thousand cuts? There are charges for compute, searches, UEBA, storage, and encryption at rest… the list goes on. It’s impossible to predict what they will charge you for next. Or when you will be strong-armed into an expensive enterprise software agreement.

Devo offers all-inclusive licensing based on the most predictable metric: data ingestion. One platform, one license, zero surprises.

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Have you been treated like a transaction instead of a valued partner? The team defending your organization deserves more. If you have (even more) questions about Splunk’s innovation roadmap and future costs after their recent unwieldy acquisition, there’s a better option.

Devo is an independent, multi-cloud solution. We’re not distracted by major acquisitions and looming platform integrations–we’re laser-focused on customer success. Our priority, now and always, is arming you with the best security platform to defend your operations.

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Splunk Cloud indexes on ingestion, and your SOC is stuck while that happens. This process can give attackers as much as a 15-minute headstart during peak ingestion. That’s time you can’t afford to waste waiting around.

With Devo, data is searchable immediately upon ingestion and alerts fire with near-zero latency. Get closer to real-time than ever before and stop attackers in their tracks.

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