Devo DeepTrace

Thwart your most sophisticated adversaries in minutes with autonomous investigations and threat hunting. 

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Why are analysts so overwhelmed?

Increasing complexity and reactive response methods aren’t helping.

Explosion of data

Surging data volumes conceal more threats

Rapidly expanding attack surfaces and increasing amounts of data mask an ever-increasing number of threats and flood SOCs with alerts, making security operations untenable. 

Team Agile

Manual, repetitive steps negatively impact response time and SOC efficiency

The unwieldy combination of time-consuming, manual investigative processes and many tools in the SOC have made work more complex, resulting in higher frustration levels, unidentified security gaps, and slower response times.

Threat hunters face the impossible task of searching for unknown unknowns

Many security organizations lack the proper resources to proactively hunt for threats. For those who do, analysts with highly specialized skills must perform iterative, manual hunts, which incur the additional overhead of resulting investigations. This limits their ability to uncover low and slow persistent threats within reasonable timeframes.

Transform days of work into minutes of AI-powered investigations

Devo DeepTrace helps security teams autonomously investigate alerts and suspicious events and perform threat hunting at lightning speed via:

  • Fully documented attack chains that expedite investigations
  • An AI engine that augments analysts
  • Autonomous investigations that accelerate context-based decision-making
  • Autonomous threat hunting that up-skills analysts
  • Single-click investigations from the Devo Security Data Platform

Are you ready to realize the benefits of DeepTrace?

Reduce analyst grind

Enables autonomous investigations so analysts can focus on high-value activities.

Facilitate proactive threat hunting

Helps analysts customize and execute hunt hypotheses, enabling them to locate sophisticated intrusions without specialized expertise.

Improve threat detection and incident response

Provides AI-driven analytics within the Devo Security Data Platform, eliminating hands-on, human-centric investigations while accelerating threat remediation times.


Discover and derail any attack

Alert investigation made easy

Perform autonomous investigations

Launch investigations to collect evidence and obtain insights for response actions from the Devo Security Data Platform, eliminating hands-on, human-centric investigations and accelerating threat remediation times.

Learn everything about your attacker

Autonomously investigate suspicious activity using attack-tracing AI, which augments analysts by asking hundreds of thousands of questions within minutes. Map evidence against the MITRE ATT&CK framework tactics and techniques so analysts can make informed decisions and take effective action.

Work like an analyst — at warp speed

Perform investigations at machine speed and scale by constructing traces documenting an attacker’s behavior from start to finish so analysts can take effective action.

Be the hunter, not the hunted

Stop intruders in their tracks

Build a repertoire of hunt hypotheses

Customize and derive new hunts without starting from scratch, providing a strong foundation for proactive threat hunting. 

Make everyone a hunter

Quickly construct and configure new hunts from a pre-configured set without needing specialized expertise.

Automate Investigations

Automatically invoke subsequent investigations, saving time on repeated threat hunting activities.

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