The Devo Data Operations Platform

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Operate at Petabyte Scale with the Devo Data Operations Platform

Real-Time Data Collection

Devo ingests any type of data, regardless of source. Devo avoids the bottleneck of indexing at ingestion without paying the penalty of slower query times by completely isolating indexing from the ingestion process. Raw data is written to disk and available for query immediately. The Devo approach to ingestion scales to petabyte data rates without infrastructure sprawl, performance degradation, or the operational headaches of index management.

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Always-Hot Data Store

Data in Devo is stored in its raw format, always hot. Gone are the headaches of managing hot, warm, cold and frozen data stores. All processing of data is done at query time, providing the ability to adapt instantly to changes in underlying data or changes in questions people want to ask of their data, without the need to rebuild indexes or reformat data.

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Data Enhancement and Correlation

Combine and correlate data sources and create custom views to add context, all at query time. Enrich streaming data with data from across your business and leverage built-in and third-party feeds for a single, unified view of operational data.

Monitoring & Reporting

Devo provides real-time monitoring of event data from across the business. Dashboards and reports provide instant insight into the performance and security of the business required to make fast, data-driven decisions. Devo applications extend these capabilities even further providing pre-built use case-specific intelligence.

Data Visualization

Devo employs a visually-driven data interaction model through which even non-technical users can explore and interact with data without writing a single line of code or using specialized query languages. Visualization tools allow users to create, customize and share data and insights. Easily apply advanced statistics and ML techniques to extract insights contained in operational data, regardless of source.

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Leverage All Your Operational Data

Devo is cloud-native, and also offers on-premises and hybrid deployment options

In The Cloud
Collection, analytics, and storage all in the cloud
On Premises
Collection, analytics, and storage all on-premises
Hybrid Solution
Collection and storage on-premises, analytics processed in the cloud

Works with Your Applications and Technologies


Deliver Insight and Action Across the Business

IT Operations

Go beyond infrastructure monitoring to gain a complete IT picture, at scale. Collect, correlate, and analyze infrastructure, application, cloud, network, and user data in real-time. Decrease downtime, Increase customer satisfaction and business agility, while driving down operational costs.

Security Operations

From IoT, microservice based applications, to cloud, the threat landscape is rapidly expanding beyond the reach and scale of traditional SIEM solutions. Devo augments existing security solutions to provide threat detection, analysis, and response to address the security needs of the modern enterprise.

Log Management

Use log data in real-time from endpoints, network devices, IoT sensors, applications, and cloud to get a complete operational picture of the business.

IoT Analytics

Ingest, analyze and respond to huge flows of Industrial IoT sensor and device data in real-time.

Business Analytics

Collect and analyze machine, business and operational data from across your enterprise to sense, understand, and respond to changes and patterns that open up new business opportunities.
“Devo offers the unique ability to rapidly collect and analyze data from every part of the business, providing Telefónica the ability to harness the power of data for competitive advantage and business success.”
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Clara Casas, E2E Service Quality and Operative Improvement Manager
“Devo has given us a leading-edge anti-fraud service which directly benefits thousands of clients around the world.”
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Miguel Ángel Rojo, CEO
“For us, big data is all about getting to understand what questions to ask. This is what Devo gives us. Their real-time analytics give us the insights we need to take decisive and even pre-emptive action.”
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Larry Sawyer
niu Solutions
“We were looking for operational and process insights from increasing volumes of data. The Library needed to automate getting those insights. Devo fit a need we had with a way cooler solution. Now we have time to invent software and make progress towards our core mission.”
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Clark Hartsock
Director of IT and Operations
“If you are looking for a solution to manage big data, real-time, multi-tenant, cloud-native, you need to look at Devo"
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Juan Santamaria
CEO Panda Security
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