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Devo on AWS

The Devo Platform is built on AWS to empower security teams to protect their organizations by closing the visibility gap, defending against advanced cyberthreats with quick detection and investigation, and enabling analysts to be more effective and punch above their weight.

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With unrivaled scale to collect all of your data without compromise, speed to give you immediate access and answers, and clarity to focus on the signals that matter most, Devo is your ally in protecting your organization today and tomorrow.​

From the cloud-native architecture on which Devo was built to its incredible query speeds and zero latency to access 400 days of always-hot data, Devo is the powerful choice for a variety of use cases, including:

  • SIEM​
  • Threat Intelligence​
  • Security Analytics
  • Logging
  • Security Operations​
  • Data Analytics ​

Devo is easily accessible for organizations with an AWS Marketplace account. Contact your Devo representative today.

AWS Public Sector and Security Partner