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Devo Drive for MSSPs

Empower your customers to transform their security operations with a true next-gen cloud-native SIEM.

Flexible & customizable

We designed the Devo Platform from the ground to support multitenancy and provide all the benefits and efficiencies to form the basis for a superb MSP/MSSP offering.

Devo provides complimentary enablement and optional professional services to help MSSPs build out the use cases necessary to deliver a market-beating service.

Devo’s simple and predictable pricing model for MSSPs is based on average daily ingest, with no separate per-customer fee and no reporting requirements as you add new customers.

Ready for action

The Devo Platform serves as the foundation for your managed services, enabling you to give your clients the many benefits of a modern SOC.




Threat hunting

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Read the Devo Drive for MSSPs Solution Brief