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Using multiple solutions to manage data makes it difficult to get a unified view of data necessary to measure business performance across the enterprise. In fact, 74% of respondents to a recent enterprise survey on enterprise data usage report their organizations use different systems to collect, store, and analyze real-time and historical data.  97% of these organizations further admit to problems using these systems to get a complete picture of their business.

Customers use Devo to discover and deliver insights that accelerate the development of new products and services. By unifying real-time and historical data from across the enterprise, and providing code-free analytics and reporting, the Devo Data Operations Platform empowers business operations teams to discover and act on new business opportunities.

Benefits of Unified Business Data

The benefits of enhancing, correlating and visualizing unified operational data include improved customer understanding, expanding access to the right data, better collaboration across the enterprise, and most importantly employees empowered to make business-impacting decisions.

360 Degree Customer View

Staying competitive requires understanding every aspect of the customer experience. Manage customer interactions that occur across marketing, sales, finance, and customer service as well as the applications and infrastructure that enable them. Use real-time and historical data to identify opportunities to increase customer adoption, minimize churn, and reduce operational costs.

Devo reveals your buyers’ journeys and improves customer experience by providing access to the real-time data required to identify dependencies and correlations that quantify customer satisfaction. Use your data to create new products and services, ensure customer satisfaction and improve operations.

Empower Employees with Data

Data empowers line of business operational teams to provide continuous insights into the behavior and changes of complex, highly distributed applications and services. Using the Devo Data Operations Platform’s easy-to-use, visually-based data exploration and analysis, even non-technical users can access the data they need to improve business performance.

Faster, Informed Business

Businesses operate in real-time, and so does the competition. Reacting to changes in customer behavior, rolling out new products and services, managing production lines, monitoring IoT applications – all are examples of areas where real-time decision making is critical. The Devo Data Operations Platform provides real-time access to critical operational data that enables business teams to react, innovate and measure success at enterprise speed and scale.

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