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Devo DeepTrace

With Devo DeepTrace, security teams are able to autonomously investigate alerts and proactively hunt for threats.

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Why are analysts so overwhelmed?

Increasing complexity in the SOC and reactive response methods aren’t helping.

Explosion of Data

Explosion of Data

Harnessing increasing amounts of data is becoming impossible

Rising Complexity

Rising Complexity

Complex and sophisticated cyber threats make it difficult to respond quickly

Proactive Threat Hunting

Proactive Threat Hunting

For many SOCs, threat hunting is a stretch with the limited resources and time

How it Works

Combat sophisticated attacks

Devo DeepTrace helps security teams autonomously investigate alerts and suspicious events and perform proactive threat hunting via:

  • Fully generated attack chains
  • An AI engine that augments analysts
  • Autonomous investigations that accelerate context-based decision-making
  • Autonomous threat hunting to up-skill analysts
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DeepTrace builds traces that identify and isolate the root cause of every attack.

Are you ready to realize the benefits of DeepTrace?

Augment Analyst Productivity

Augment Analyst Productivity

Supercharges analysts to quickly perform large quantities of complex alert investigations and incident responses.

Reduce Analyst Grind

Reduce Analyst Grind

Enables autonomous investigations so analysts can focus on high-value activities.

Facilitate Proactive Threat Hunting

Facilitate Proactive Threat Hunting

Helps analysts hunt for intrusions without the need for specialized expertise.

Overcome Data Overload with Autonomous Investigations and Threat Hunting

Discover and derail any attack

Alert investigation made easy

Perform autonomous investigations
Configure alerts to automatically invoke DeepTrace investigations, which speeds up the investigative process.

Learn everything about your attacker
Traverse data across the entire attack to document an adversary’s behavior and map it against MITRE ATT&CK tactics and techniques so analysts can make informed decisions and take effective action.

Work like an analyst – at warp speed
Leverage attack-tracing AI to ask hundreds of thousands of questions to learn about an attack, alleviating manual, repetitive effort.

DeepTrace flags alerts that warrant further investigation.

Be the hunter, not the hunted

Stop intruders in their tracks

Build a repertoire of hunt hypotheses
Customize and derive new hunts without starting from scratch, providing a strong foundation of proactive threat hunting.

Make everyone a hunter
Quickly construct and configure new hunts from a pre-configured set without needing specialized expertise.

Automate investigations
Automatically invoke subsequent investigations, saving time on repeated threat-hunting activities.

DeepTrace enables the creation of new threat detection signals and alerts.

Are your analysts ready for help?

Save time and maximize productivity