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Devo Behavior Analytics

With an extensive library of customizable machine learning models, our Behavior Analytics solution detects unusual behaviors and subtle actions that pose potential risks to your environment.

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Behavior Analytics - Devo Dashboard

Are you ready to realize the benefits of Behavior Analytics?

Improve security posture

Improve security posture

Give analysts a detailed view of entity risks in a single location, while bolstering the Devo Platform.

Empower analysts

Empower analysts

Quickly identify & prioritize the riskiest entities throughout the organization and gain critical context for triage and investigation across multiple sources.

Reduce compliance and reputation risk

Reduce compliance and reputation risk

Avoid expensive regulatory violations and potential damages to your organization’s reputation and brand.

Go beyond traditional SIEM detection. Uncover anomalous activity that traditional SIEM systems miss.

Make use of behavior models to identify abnormal and anomalous behavior across your entire organization, stopping compromised users and systems in their tracks.

Accelerate investigations by focusing on riskiest entities

Risk-based scoring helps SOC teams prioritize their time and guides analysts to focus on the most serious threats to deliver sustained protection against complex cyber attacks.

Accelerate Investigations

Gain visibility of advanced threats across the complete attack chain

Behavior Analytics leverages the MITRE ATT&CK framework to deliver clear and actionable context to security teams, enabling faster investigation and response.

Behavior Analytics- MITRE ATT&CK View

Easily tune use cases to your organization’s infrastructure and network

Behavior Analytics enables users to easily enable and configure use cases applicable to their environment to reduce false positives and focus on truly risky behavior.

Behavior Analytics- easily tune use cases

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How it Works

Uncover anomalous activity across users, devices, and domains

Devo Behavior Analytics finds unusual behaviors and subtle actions posing potential risks across your environment, enabling you to detect advanced threats, optimize investigations, save analyst time and accelerate response.

Behavior Analytics provides:

  • Visibility of anomalous activity across your enterprise
  • Rapid time-to-value with self-service configuration
  • Superior risk assessment to drive improved prioritization
  • Seamless integration with other Devo capabilities
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Behavior Analytics - MITRE Tactics

“One of the big reasons we enjoy working with Devo is that they are always innovating to provide best-in-class security features in order to stay one step ahead of threats. A prime example of this is how we leverage Devo Behavior Analytics to detect and respond to users without permissions that accessed information they shouldn’t have been able to.”

James Cassidy

Intermediate Security Analyst, University of Oklahoma

See How Devo Behavior Analytics Can Help You

Uncover unusual behaviors and subtle actions posing potential risks across your environment