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As the front line defense in stopping adversaries, SecOps teams are critical in securing the enterprise. Yet as the complexity of data types and volumes increase, SOC analysts are drowning in data that is overwhelming in volume, noise, and difficult to extract insights from.

It’s time for SecOps to evolve.


Uncover the Full Threat Story

Automatically combine real-time and historical security data with threat intelligence feeds, business context, and data from internal and external business applications and devices.

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Accelerate Analyst Decision-making

Streamline an analyst's ability to make the right decisions with real-time access to streaming and historical data.

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It's Time to Look at All Data

A SaaS platform with the ability to effortlessly scale to PB data rates with a fraction of the operational overhead of traditional security analytics.

A Modern Approach to SecOps

It's Time to Enjoy the Hunt.

Read Jason Mical's latest blog post on the past, present, and future of threat hunting.

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