The Three Musketeers of SIEM

How context, integrations, and workflow when combined allow you to transform your SOC

Regional Webinar Series | Starting September 17, 2020

United we stand, divided we fall. The same goes for your security stack.

Limited visibility, information overload, and complex toolsets are driving ineffectiveness and ultimately, burnout, for security operations teams. But the next-generation of security analytics and SIEM brings hope.

Discover how Devo is delivering three leading capabilities to drive a new level of SOC effectiveness:

  1. Intelligent context: Benefit from insights and immediate delivery of all relevant evidence for the fastest investigations.
  2. Analyst-focused workflow: Seamless for analysts and SOCs to use, providing multifaceted automation that optimizes analyst time and helps reduce MTTR.
  3. Seamless integrations: Centralize all data and leverage deep extensibility to maximize the team’s effectiveness and collect all the relevant information in a single location.

Join us at one our events to learn how to alleviate analyst burnout and unite your security operations with the next-generation of SIEM.

The Three Musketeers of SIEM

Intelligent Context

Enrich data with high-signal alerting, entity behavior analytics, MITRE ATT&CK framework alignment, and comprehensive evidence collection.

Analyst-focused Workflow

Access the right visuals at the right time and the tools to analyze files and for analysts to collaborate and discover.

Seamless Integrations

Enable limitless data collection and automatic data normalization allowing for full visibility.