The Threat Hunting Showcase

Thursday, February 18th @ 10am ET | 3pm GMT

Experience Devo threat hunting capabilities in a group setting with live Q&A.

Hunt years of historical data—fast & easily

Modern enterprises face evolving threat vectors, combination attacks, and coordinated campaigns, all contributing to an ever-expanding defense surface. Mature SecOps teams are shifting their strategy to tackle these challenges with proactive threat hunting a high priority.

Join our Threat Hunting Showcase session to learn how Devo delivers blistering performance and 400 days historical data, allowing you to proactively identify IOCs across all your data.

  1. Hunt all the data: Enable analysts to run queries across any volume of data, any number of sources, and any time horizon
  2. Test evolving hypotheses: Quickly and intelligently query and pivot across petabytes of diverse data to identify IOCs and take action
  3. Automatic enrichment and orchestration: Enrich events in an actionable context with indicators from the Devo Threat Data Service
Join the Showcase
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