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Leading Fintech Prepares for Explosive Growth with Devo Enterprise Log Management and SIEM Solution

About The Leading Fintech

A leading financial technology (fintech) lending and retail banking firm that is experiencing exponential growth recognized it needed to develop a more mature security posture to protect customers and ensure compliance.

The bank used Elastic for IT operations (based in Asia), but found it difficult to work with and knew it would be even more challenging to use for security operations. As a result, the team began exploring alternative enterprise log management and SIEM solutions.


Wanted: A Solution To Handle Diverse Data Types

Fintech lending and banking firms like this one are 100% online, interacting with their customers through web and mobile applications, instead of branch offices. They must adhere to strict financial regulations designed to protect consumers from fraud and data loss, while also ensuring 7×24 access to their funds.

This firm never used a SIEM or enterprise log management solution, but saw the need to invest in developing a more mature security posture as it grew rapidly. Not only did it need to demonstrate this commitment to customers, but its investors also were demanding the firm improve its security capabilities.

The company’s IT operations group had been using Elastic for log management, without much success. They added Graylog to the mix, which failed to resolve the issues with Elastic. With no confidence in this solution to meet its growing security requirements, the firm quickly investigated offerings from Splunk and Sumo Logic before recognizing Devo was the right fit.


Why Devo

Several critical capabilities made Devo attractive to the company, including:

  • Total visibility into all of its cloud data from any source—such as cloud provider log files, firewalls, security devices, and solutions—to help deliver governance and compliance
  • The ability to quickly and easily analyze dynamic security data, using the built-in Devo Activeboards, which bring machine data to life with rich visuals and interactive capabilities
  • The ability to smoothly ingest large volumes of data (e.g., multiple terabytes), easily accommodate customer growth, and provide instant query capabilities
  • Cloud-native with a TCO to meet the company’s budget requirements


Next Steps

The fintech is implementing Devo immediately and has high confidence in the platform’s ability to meet the business’s growth plans, especially as its data volume increases.


More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.