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Security Analytics for the Modern SOC

Close the gap between detection and response with the next-generation of integrated security analytics.


Hunt across all data—fast and easily

Proactively identity threats with a comprehensive threat hunting program using the Devo Hunting Workbench. Identify the right information across any volume of data, any number of sources, and any time horizon. The result is proactive identification of threats at scale. Weaponize findings by adding context to existing investigations or create new ones.

Threat Hunting with Devo


Threat detection that increases signal and avoids noise

Tired of dashboards flooded with noise? Devo combines an entity-first approach with a variety of alerting methods to provide analysts with high-signal alerts. Methods include:

  • Practitioner-based analytics
  • Machine learning models
  • Observations from entity behavior
  • Known threat activity

Alerts are further enhanced with real-time auto enrichment, further streamlining triage.

Threat Detection with Devo


Investigations that automatically provide the full threat story

Fast, accurate investigations are the foundation for effective response. Accelerate and simplify investigations by gaining a context-rich view of entities—no manual querying required. Alerts and investigations are populated automatically with actionable, real-time data and context, including indicators from the Devo Threat Data Service and community intelligence.

Threat Investigation with Devo


Dive into digital forensics with confidence

Gain a complete end-to-end workflow with the Devo DFIR Toolkit. Centralize all forensic evidence, such as PCAPs, memory dumps, PDFs, images, and context, in a single location. Start investigations with greater context and enrichment to ensure the right evidence is capture for effective response. Speed the forensics process by uniting the right data and context automatically for your analysts.

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