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Faster, more accurate investigations

Give your analysts the full threat story​

Supercharge your threat investigations

Accelerate triage and threat investigation with an analyst-focused workflow and intelligent context derived from entity analytics, high-signal alerting, and auto-enriched evidence.​

Want faster investigations?

Learn how OpenText was able to speed up its investigation process by 60%—while also improving accuracy and effectiveness.

Focus on what matters most​

Devo shortens triage time by automatically giving the analyst contextual insights. High-signal alerts surface real threats, not noise. Auto-generated entity context enables you to quickly assess the impact and scope of a threat. Pre-packaged integrations let you rapidly gather evidence and swiftly assess risk.​

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Don’t waste time flying blind​

Devo holistically combines the many forms of context behind a threat—from MITRE ATT&CK tactics to threat data, entity associations, and more. With Devo, analysts can visualize entity connectivity, providing vital context for investigations.

The Devo Threat Data Service helps analysts operationalize threat data by consuming and enriching threat investigations with indicators from open-source, paid and proprietary intelligence feeds.​

Centralize and analyze all forensic evidence​

Make confident, evidence-based decisions to accelerate MTTR by easily analyzing artifacts—files, images, memory dumps, PCAPs, metadata, and more—via integrations with included and external data services.

Analysts can then apply their forensics skills to analyze results quickly for a deep understanding of threats, and save all of their findings in a single location.​

More Data. More Clarity. More Confidence.