Threat Detection with Devo

Increase signal. Reduce noise. Identify threats that matter.


Cut through the noise

Classifying, modeling and associating entities is the key to reliably detecting and investigating high-impact threats. The Devo entity-based approach improves signal and reduces noise with four types of advanced alerting:

  • Observations: Identify malicious events using entity behavioral analytics based on classifications, associations, and traffic volumes.
  • Analytics: Find insights and threats by applying automated expertise to raw data with indicators, aggregations, statistical analysis, and context.
  • Detections: Identify known threats using signatures, heuristics, industry correlations, and Sigma rules.
  • Models: Test and apply Devo-supplied advanced machine-learning models or create your own.


Context is king

The days of pulling data from multiple tools to gather the information necessary for effective threat triage are over. Alerts alone are insufficient without threat intelligence and context to inform investigations. An entity-based approach enables reliable identification and investigation of high-impact threats.
Accelerate triage by putting a context-rich picture of entities at analysts’ fingertips, without having to query data manually. This reduces alert fatigue and enables analysts to focus on the threats that matter. Devo Security Operations automatically populates alerts with actionable, real-time data and context, including indicators from the Devo Threat Data Service, the community and partners.


One click to investigation

Detection is a fundamental step in the process, but it is only the starting point. Immediately pivot from detection to triage to investigation in a seamless workflow by creating automatically enriched investigations based on high-priority alerts.

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