Threat Detection

Increase signal, avoid noise, detect threats that matter


Cut through the noise

You don’t have time to waste on false positives, not when attackers are continually trying to breach the enterprise. Collect and access 100% of your data, 100% of the time to enable more accurate detections. Increase detection capabilities with built-in and custom alerts, behavioral observations, and continual learning of analyst insights. By reducing noise and increasing signal, you can focus investigations on the most critical threats.


Alerts alone don’t matter, it’s the context

Standalone alerts are not helpful, not without threat intelligence and context to inform the investigation. Identify threats across the kill chain with greater confidence using rich behavioral analytics. Start validation and investigation with enriched alerts that automatically include user and system information and threat intelligence. The result: accelerated review cycles, improved operational efficiency, and guidance on next steps.


One click to investigation

Identification is a fundamental step in the process, but it is only the starting point. Immediately pivot from detection to validation to investigation in a seamless workflow with automatically enhanced alerts and raw data at your fingertips. Dig into petabytes of real-time and historical data, draw on internal and shared intelligence to deeply understand adversarial tactics, techniques, and procedures, visualize the attack campaign, and provide an in-depth analysis of the compromise to your IR team.

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