Security Operations

Turn data into insight and action


Hunt across all your data with ease

Get proactive with a comprehensive cyber threat hunting program. Collect, store, and analyze all real-time and historical data from traditional security sources to IT infrastructure and business application data, faster than ever before. Test evolving hypotheses against a broader knowledge base by leveraging local and community shared intelligence.

Threat Hunting with Devo


Increase signal, avoid noise, detect threats that matter

Go beyond rules-based detection methods that flood your dashboard with unnecessary noise. Identify threats across the kill chain with greater confidence using behavioral analytics. Reduce noise and improve operational efficiency to focus investigations on prioritized, enriched alerts.

Threat Detection with Devo


Investigations that get to the full threat story

Fast and accurate investigation is the linchpin of effective response. Accelerate investigations with complete visibility into security-relevant data and context, continual learning of analyst behaviors, and access to threat intelligence and community insight. Easily pivot, filter, and iterate across petabytes of data in seconds with powerful analytics.

Threat Investigation with Devo

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