Security Operations

Turn data into actionable threat insight


Threat hunt the entire defense surface

You can’t act on what you can’t see. Collect and analyze 100% of your data – no tool trade-offs. Support detective work by enabling hunters to run queries and connect the dots across the attack lifecycle. Easily enrich data with traditional and non-traditional data sources and threat intelligence to test evolving hypotheses.

Threat Hunting with Devo


Detect threats early enough to respond

Timely and accurate threat detection can seem like a pipe dream. Not anymore. Detect threats with alerting dashboards built for analysts. Quickly filter alerts to focus on the most relevant ones. Provide rich context by linking alerts to model attack patterns. Dig in and isolate threats in a single pane for more effective investigation and response.

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Investigate threats in seconds

By the time you’ve detected a breach, it's likely already infiltrated several layers of defense. Quickly query all your data across the defense surface. Pivot, filter, and iterate on your analysis. Enrich data with threat intelligence and map potential threats to industry frameworks to determine type, risk level, and impact.

Threat Investigation with Devo


Cut down incident response time

We all want to press “fast forward” on threat mitigation. Accelerate decision-making through clear, actionable insight and intuitive design. Prioritize threats with machine learning and enhanced filtering, use visual intuition to investigate incidents, and streamline response with built-in and customizable alerting and workflows.

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