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Devo for Security Operations

Free your SecOps team to do what they do best


All data is security data. Are you prepared?

Real threats don’t start in tools - they start with your employees, customers and partners using 100s of cloud apps, enterprise applications, mobile endpoints and more. Every interaction and transaction has security context. Devo collects and analyzes all data - from security tools and across your business - to provide security operations teams with complete threat insight.


Find today's threats before a material breach

Security analytics should be more than a window into what happened - it should be an early-warning system, spotting attacks - as well as suspicious data in your historical stores that sends up warning flags - before they affect your company and customers. Don't let malware, ML-powered bots, and cartel-led hacks disrupt your business. With Devo, all data, historical and streaming, is hot and available for real-time query to reveal new attacks and historical threat patterns.

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Enhance your SIEM and security analytics

Is your SIEM running out of steam, speed and scale? Build on the best practices, workflows and customizations in your security operations center. Devo can handle the scale needed for multi-TB volume ingest and PB-scale historical analysis necessary to be more efficient, avoid alert fatigue, and let the SecOps folks go home.

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More tools + more data, minus the headaches

Sometimes powerful, well-intentioned security tools, such as IDS and EDRs, lead to unintended problems. While they detect network threats, they can’t scale to handle multi-core loads. Avoid the headaches of free tools. Devo parallelizes security operations and offloads compute required by such tools.

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