SOC Star Virtual Tour | Northeast

Wednesday July 15, 2020 | 12pm EDT | GoToWebinar

The SOC Star Tour is back! Another day of working from home with the same lunchtime routine? Join Devo for lunch, swag and interactive activities on the SOC Star Virtual Tour!

Make everyone on your team a SOC star

SOC teams are frustrated by too many false-positives, broken investigation workflows, and under-performing tools that sabotage effectiveness.

Join the Devo team to learn how we’re transforming the SOC by reinventing the SIEM, and making everyone in the SOC a star performer.


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12:00 PM EDT

Detection, Meet Response: Why Automated Enrichment is the Key to SOC Effectiveness

While requirements for the modern SOC are evolving, many security analysts are burning out and turning over, driven out by increased workloads, information overload, and a lack of visibility into network and IT infrastructure. Research conducted by the Ponemon Institute found that workflow automation and improved technology were key to providing better support for analysts and reducing burnout. In this session you’ll learn how automatic enrichment can be applied to the analyst workflow, through detection, investigation, and response, and why it is critical to increasing SOC effectiveness and unleashing analyst creativity.

12:15 PM EDT

Devo Security Operations: Reinventing the SIEM

Analysts are frustrated by too many false-positives, a broken workflow, and under-performing security tools that sabotage effectiveness. Devo Security Operations reinvents the SIEM, empowering analysts to focus on the threats that matter most to the business.

We will show you how Devo Security Operations will transform your SOC.

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