Devo SOC Star Virtual Tour

SOC Star Virtual Tour

Join us on our SOC Star Virtual Tour for interactive sessions on transforming the SOC

Make everyone on your team a SOC star

Join us for lunch, swag, interactive sessions and seeing how we’re transforming the SOC by reinventing the SIEM, and making everyone in the SOC a star performer.

What You'll Learn About

Why Automatic Enrichment is Key to SOC Effectiveness

Hear Jason Mical present on research conducted by the Ponemon Institute on workflow automation and improved technology being key to providing better support for analysts and reducing burnout.

Devo Security Operations: Reinventing the SIEM

See Devo Security Operations in action and how it reinvents the SIEM, empowering analysts to focus on the threats that matter most to the business.

Group Activity: Improving Analyst Workflows

How is your team optimizing SOC analyst workflows to reduce MTTR and improve SOC efficiency / effectiveness? Share your thoughts with the group and hear from your peers.

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